Jul 29, 2014

Lucy - Worst Movie of 2014 (Review)

Not even spoilers could spoil this movie. For sure the worst movie I've seen in a long time, so bad it prompted me to blog about it!

Luc Besson - director, i'll remember that name because i highly doubt i'll watch another one of his movies.

I don't know where to begin honestly..... how about the scene where she begins to FEEL EVERYTHING! She REMEMBERS EVERYTHING! The taste of her mother's breast milk for instance!? Ok, i'll pardon it.
Walking into a hospital with a gun.. not concealed nor concerned. BANG! This patient wasn't gonna make it (insert medical blah blahIm the smartest person in the world. (/insert) Ok, i'll pardon it.

Using her "Brain Power" to make people faint, reverse gravity so they float in the air, hacking radio frequencies with the flick of a wrist and pinch to zoom -__-"

The pinch to zoom thing....... like really!?!

Meeting with the professors, "show us proof you're special  ....... your wife and daughter died in an accident blah blah blah" Ok i believe you.
Inject me with the rest of the drugs and i'll give you all the knowledge i have acquired. Ok, pardoned. Now she's capable of time travel and all sorts of stuff.

Im sorry (not really) but Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman weren't right for this movie. The blank look on her face (see images above), i feel nothing and everything crap, .
Freeman did ok, the issue i have is that he's appearing in too many of these roles and its a bit cliche. Freeman (Mr. Know-it-all), in Bruce Almighty as God. Transcendence as a scientist for Artificial Intelligence, Dark Knight as Batman's IT Guy, Now You See Me; as its not magic its all fake here's how they did it guy.

I hated this movie full stop (Worst Movie of 2014)

Limitless Transcendence are better movies to watch IMHO with similar storylines

Lucy gets injected with a drug. It doesn't kill her, it makes her stronger, so she kills some people in order to get more because.............. its safer with her and she wants to pass on her knowledge of the universe or something. She gets the drugs, overdoses, becomes one with the universe... Mhm

Jul 23, 2014

Nexus 5 (Android) Water Damage - FIX!!

So, your phone decided to drink some water and now it doesn't want to work anymore? Maybe it fell in the toilet, urinal (lol), sea, washing machine, etc.. Its probably dead!
I thought the same thing when my phone decided to take a swim at the beach. Salt water and electronics don't go well, my phone (Nexus 5) still worked but the screen was very dark - no backlight. So i decided to rip the back from the phone and let it get some sun. Didnt work but it dried the water to some extent.
I happen to have a lot of silica gel at home, a lot! So the steps:

  1. You can open the phone using your fingernails from the side where the volume button is located, work your way around.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws the top (above the battery)
  3. Disconnect the battery cable and that long orange one covering the battery
  4. Stop wasting time with rice, rubbing/ isopropyl alcohol, etc.. Can it be used, maybe but i've never had any luck with them
  5. Buy some Silica gel instead. Like a really big bag of it, about 2 or 3 lbs in my opinion. That should be enough to cover your phone.
  6. Heat the silica in an oven.. do you need to do this? I dont know, but i did it.
  7. wrap the phone in a paper napkin
  8. Cover it with the silica gels
  9. Leave it for at least a day (24 hours)
  10. Give it some sun if you want. 
  11. Reconnect the cables and screw everything together
  12. Recharge your phone
  13. Thank me later, if it didn't work don't come back here!
Once you start recharging your phone (Nexus 5) it'll blink red. As far as i know that means the battery is drained, leave it alone, go watch some tv or something and eventually once it has enough charge it should power on.

This is what i did, and the backlight works now. Everything works except the audio port... with headphones it crackles a bit but not that much that i cant listen music.
Now to buy some damaged phones on eBay :)

Pictures of how to do it? Unlikely.
Summary: Open the phone, wrap in napkin, pour silica gels over it, come back in a day, recharge the phone

May 26, 2014

Capsule hotel, Kobe, Japan

So I just checked into my hotel for $27.. lol its so cool. It has an alarm, cable TV (12 channels), dimmer lights, radio, clean, spacious for a capsule.

If I had to guess I'd say 4 feet (width), 5 feet (height), 7' length.. Which is good for one person or very intimate for 2 (if they allow it) though I didn't see it in the rules that it's not allowed to share _._

The bathroom is shared but very clean. Shaving stuff, moisturizers, etc.
In the locker you are assigned you get pajamas, a towel and I think a rag.

Though there is no Wi-Fi at the hotel there is nationwide Wi-Fi and signal inside the capsule..
Apparently only for Japanese or only if you have a Japanese credit card. Lame

There are 2 PCs on level 2 with free internet access. About 30mb/s

You can put your bags and stuff in the locker, hang your jackets, etc.

Shoes are not allowed beyond the door. Lockers are assigned for shoes at the door after check in.

All in all I think it was a quite nice experience for a westerner. Definitely not for everyone, but if you want that "Fifth Element" (movie) feel, this is the place.


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Dec 31, 2013

Sydney, Australia

So the Australian cruise is over.. And I think it was really nice. The first stop was Sydney, I woke up to an awesome view of the Sydney opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Oh yea!!

Every now and then this job brings something cool (not very often, but yea, this was one of those days)

I like Australia, the weather was quite good, the transport system seems solid, the currency is probably stable, the city looks clean, but too many people though :-p

The opera house is cool looking from far, not so much up close.. LOL but still impressive I think. Considering they built all these things around it; Restaurants, hotels, parks, etc..

I also like the signs painted on the road telling you which direction to look when crossing the street. *Good looking out for first time visitors like myself*

The park underneath the bridge was nice as well, the Olympic swimming pool is near the bridge as well as an amusement park and ferry. Bridge climbing is an option (no more bungee jumping)!

The city is kinda pricey compared to places like Vietnam where you can get a haircut for $1, but the difference is slightly obvious. For some strange reason I was expecting to see some kangaroos in the city -_-" (met with disappointment)

No koala bears for me, no kangaroos, no barrier reef, etc.. Technically I saw all these things but not the way i wanted to. But I did see a dolphin, upon entering the barrier reef so that's worth something.

But all in all I think Australia is worth a second visit! Recommended

Apr 1, 2013

St Thomas, US VI - not for me

Been a while since i been to the blog, so lets go...
Shoutout to KR,  i know you're reading this ^-^

St Thomas is an ok country, kinda what you might think for an american caribbean country (McDonalds, KFC, Hooters, Radioshack etc..) and thats kinda where it ends. There's not much of anything besides jewelry shops and a few restaurants that you can find in the states. As a tourist i dont know why you'd actually book a trip to St Thomas; that being said if you own a boat its def. worth the visit (sailing from one country to the next)

Owning a boat here is like owning a bicycle, not everyone owns one but its nice to have.

  • The water really is this color, which is really nice :)
  • They have a lot of iguana's (fairly big too) 
Public transport isn't recommended imho, lots of action happening on the bus (locally known as Safari's) its like a zoo for real. Lots of cursing, "almost fighting incidents, etc.. too much action for my liking. These buses aka Safari's dont have doors they have railings instead similar to the Land Rovers in Africa but they use Dodge Ram's and those kinds of vehicles instead?!

Hardly ever any clouds near the downtown area..  places near the Atlantic Ocean hardly have clouds for long +1
Hurricane's barely, floods normal, hot... yes, drought....based on the landscape i think so.

The island is small, its basically 1 main road with the smaller roads leading into the hills. So you cant really get lost, either you're going forward or backward.
No rivers, waterfalls but im sure the beach is quite nice.. havent been, but im sure it is.

Since we're heading back to coldass Europe, im gonna go on a few diving tours and visit airport beach in St Maarten. One more post to come! maybe 2 -__-

St Maarten/ Sint Martin - no clouds

Nov 20, 2012

Jamaica to España

Ok, so it seems im stuck in Spain for the moment. But no worries i got to see a bit more of the place this morning. 

First impression of Spain was Madrid.. the airport is really nice.

Then it was onto A Coruña (La Coruña), Its cold, lots of cafe's, cloudy, pretty, most people speak Spanish for some strange reason?¿

The hotel im staying at had a view of somebody's back yard, dining room, and laundry room. Since i had to check back into the hotel, i got a nicer view; the street.

Which brings me to the cafe. There's a cafe on EVERY corner.. in the mall, near the bus stop, all over the place. They love bread & coffee/ tea.. the bread is terrible imho; its so tough, you REALLY have to tear it then chew it. Kiss your gums goodbye.

Not the actual restaurante i had the bread, but they have a photo of it... So

No sign of McDonalds/BK/KFC, its somewhere "nearby" but i havent found it, just cafe´s.
All the menu's are in Spanish & the waiters speak spanish, maybe one person might speak English, so i try to keep it simple and point at things i dont know.

The chicken doesnt "taste like chicken". Its a bird, but not a fowl. If it is a fowl, its a weird tasting one.

It helps to have pictures of things you want. Food, places, things, but since i dont have a printer or a phone its a bit challenging. Probably the fastest way you'll learn spanish is to come to Spain.

No robot taxi's. There only seems to be one taxi company, and everyone has a number printed on the side, like 103, 415, etc.. in order to take one, you have to go to the front of the taxi line, then everyone else moves up a space.

Its kinda romantic i guess, old people holding hands walking down the street #tears #SoBeautiful :'(
I saw an old guy on his balcony drinking tea & taking photo's of his dog, lots of people walking their dog, about 3 or 4 cafe's per street, etc.


There are a lot of smokers. Especially in America & Europe.
And so far that's Spain.