Nov 26, 2010

Shame on Lexar and Sandisk

I dont know if its against some rule or w/e to post bad products being sold by retailers, but these deserve some bad press. First on the chopping block: Lexar SDHC cards avoid these at all costs.. needs to be taken off the market completely. Didnt work too good with my Canon 1D Mk II

Next in the furnace is the SanDisk SDHC.. maybe the black and red one's are different but these are absolute shit. Might be okay for taking pics of grass blades and w/e but not much else.
The Lexar failed to mount on a PC/ Linux & Mac.. therefore i cant even  do a recovery until i format the card. Not the only one having issue's just check their Twitter feed @lexarmedia 

CF Cards only at this point.. I dont even know why camera manufacturers dont include built in storage for DSLRs even as backup???? Think i need to send a complaint to Fake Chuck Westfall... Pro camera's my ass
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