Jan 31, 2011

Month in Review: January

Whats the latest; me and my photo crew went to Blue Mountain Peak yesterday.

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Game time...
Dinner time.. anybody notice the puss under the table? yea  -____-  
Im at the peak of Blue Mountain... take a picture... got it? ok, lets go!

This weeks "The Contender", i got an eyeful (the ring girls.. if thats what they call them, nice). The boxing was pretty controversial this week though.

This girl..... SMH!!!!!!  :-)
Im not really a big breast type of person, but they look like fun....... moving on

EPIC...., look at the expressions carefully

ROFL ROFL ROFL roflcopter!!!! i love it

Jazz & Blues.. didnt go!
Rebel Salute.. wanted to go, but didnt...
The New Year happened... hm

Yea, guess that wraps this one.
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