Feb 7, 2011

Legends Forever Concert - Bob Marley's birthday tribute

So I passed through to see what was going on at Emancipation Park on Bob Marley's Birthday.. Advertised as free, but still needed an armband to get where I wanted to go :-/

Luckily Carla was kind enough to get me in.. thx
Anyone know how to get in contact with Noel?

Onto the show
a Caw-Wah (if thats how its spelt)... sounds like a shaker (not like that desc. helped but w/e), I want one
Name: Magma.. performed well & the crowd liked it. From Bermuda, been in JA for 10 yrs. tho.........
Sarina Constantine, didnt get to capture her performance but she sounded ok.. -_-
The face(s) behind JamaicansMusic.com streaming the event live
(L-R) Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Etana, Queen Ifrica
Free up the barriers and let in the people, Take down them naked statues at Emancipation Park and replace with Bob and Miss Lou, and she did a song about bleaching >_> Kartel...

LoLis Ganja still illegal in Jamaica?!? strange.....
The blind, also enjoying the concert...
Someone else, also enjoying the concert
Spragga Benz, also enjoying the concert
Queen Ifrica, also enjoying the concert 
Marcia & Judy (2 of the I 3 Wailers.. Rita absent)
Also got to test the 5D + 85mm.. definitely cant use it as my main camera, but for everything else its ok

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