Dec 28, 2010

Review: Sting 2010

Overall the show was clean, too clean.. maybe a change in direction but i dont know if thats what people wanted for their money. VIP surely didnt want that....

Another thing i dont like with this show is the issuing of media passes. Why give out passes on Christmas day for a show on Boxing day. I mean... really?? Christmas day.

And what was also weird was the fact that there was a screen backstage showing live video of the event. But the VIP section couldnt see anything happening behind them (giveaways, dancing, etc..)

The band playing for 3/4's of the night into the morning was more than disastrous... got clapped off the stage for the band change. 

1 person reported that their car was stolen... maybe they need a ticketing system since they have Police on the outside as well (Dyke Rd.)

Did anyone notice when Lisa Hype(r) ran on then stage near the ending..............., the microphone was dead on arrival, she then quickly ran off stage.. SMH  LOL LOL LOL

My review: Flop overall and everyone agree's :: Pictures in Older Posts
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