Jan 7, 2011

Blog Contest: Talk Di Things @NCBJA

So, I think NCB is an okay company, sorta sneaky, but the staffers are nice, CSR's all seem knowledgeable.

Questions to the bank:
  • Closing hours.. 2:30pm whats up with that? Whats so special about Friday's..
  • Why do we need 2 references to open a bank account?? seriously.. are you gonna refuse a client otherwise? Imagine websites asking for references to open an acc.
  • Dual currency ATM's... Only 2 in Kingston i think? Not sure where they're located..
  • What do you do when an ATM "eats your card".. *I dont think alot people would know what to do 
  • Calling the 1-800 number from a cellphone... hope that's something ya'll plan to sort out with LIME. I don't see why i need to be paying for that.
  • Bank charges... unnu sorta 'teif' still - Samuda soon sort unnu out though, lol
  • Loans and contract workers *no help given whatsoever, needs a paragraph.
  • Loans and collateral.. you folks should encourage high school students to buy cars, houses or land with the first money they get.. Clarks and cake soap 
  • Repossessed vehicles - lets say you have a Benz on the lot, a person owes you $500k.. is it auctioned at that price or the original price.. $10,000,000 etc.. (Let me know)
  • I absolutely HATE that i cannot request a temporary credit limit increase (credit card) 
  • ^^Would a Debit Credit Card solve this issue?? Ya'll might need to look into that...
  • And whats up with M. Lee Chin and the Presidential Helicopter?!?
  • LoL, seriously where is this guy flying to everyday? I mean the potholes bad.. but not that 

  • Free WiFi at all branches 
  • ATM's listed in Google Maps would be convenient
  • Need an ATM in Red Hills Square. Pricemart & Red Hills Mall pretty far if your on the hill.

ATM :: Springs Plaza - shouldnt it have the swiping thingy on the door?
The ATM near Michi (Boulevard) def. needs a lock
Most companies now prefer to lay off permanent staff and employ contractors.. or re-hire permanents as contractors. Hmm, no good if you need a loan, but maybe if you work your ass off for 6-10 years or more you might make it on staff.
The risk taking entrepreneur; you might think your gonna get that loan, your excited, solid business plan, know you can settle the loan before the time, been to some expo's (Y.E.A, etc.) don't waste your time, go buy a car, use it as collateral.

I do think it was nice of them to offer redundant staff members up to $10,000,000 to start their own businesses. Too bad for the customers who only needed a fraction. Sucks if you don't own a home, car, land, guarantors, helicopter 

Did contractors make that shortlist though?? sorta unlikely i think.. but who knows

494 :: More words than i wanted to use, hmm -_-
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