Mar 11, 2011

Kartel Lecture at UWI... bleh

First Question for the viewers/ readers.. WTH does "uplicitous" mean???? i checked google and didnt find it, i thought he said "uplequitous" but thats not a word... and it didnt sound anything like "ubiquitous"
EDIT:  Duplicitous!! Thanks

Check the video; 1:05 seconds

Moving on, the place was pretty packed (UWI, Undercroft building) definitely the wrong type of venue... needed a Hall or somewhere with big screen tv's, etc..

He said some quotes from Garvey, Bob Marley, and something about his Imperial Majesty Selassie... #SMH he also said as a race we can NOW do what we want... including bleaching or something to that effect.. Doubt he would've gotten far in the Black Panthers era..

Long story short, he talked about stuff but most of it was a blur for me. Only thing i really heard him say was; "its just for entertainment", and "dont let me be your kids role model.." 

C'mon .....its just entertainment you guys
The Professor at work

lol lol lol.... Vybz Kartel is totally overexposed, cant blame the lighting technician or the camera though
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