Mar 8, 2011

Smile Jamaica/ Today Show

Okay, another blog entry.. this one from MoBay (Smile Jamaica/ Toady Show linkup). I arrived on the West Coast about 10:00pm, went to bed around 3:00am, and crew call at 4:30am -__-
Since im not a coffee person, I think i need to buy a case of Red Bull

I think this was near 6:00am
Would've surely gotten a cold dressed like them on the beach so early.. no im not that delicate!
Ahh, that thing to the right blocks the sea breeze from tearing down the set. Forgot what its called, but it would make an awesome diffuser for doing movies or strobist work
Simon and Simone << lol
(L-R) Neville, Hoda, Simone, Carlette, Kathie-Lee & Simon
I dont know... something about Cerasee Tea
Odd, i dont recall seeing her walk in... but with less clothes on.... yes  ^_^
Pity, a real pity... i never sampled any of it... disappointed
.........i dont know what TV land was seeing, but i think she like him. Cute.. moving on
Dudes on stilts
Lady with fruits
These guys are really skilled IMO, located on Main Street in Ocho Rios i think.. said something about a factory..

I never understood Junkanoo, and i doubt i ever will. Maybe because i was 1980's town child, think i've only seen Junkanoo maybe 2 or 3 times in my life... hm
Death, Pregnant, Woman, Baby... those are the words that come to mind, but i still dont get the concept. Not sure what that thing on the left is eith.
......Man, Cow? 
errr.... Little Devil?

The Jolly Boys... been hearing alot about them, first time seeing them (well, this is just 1 of many persons)
Tarrus is also a fan it seems..

And, i guess thats it until my next blogpost. Maybe i'll do another one for my birthday or for the Flickr Trip to St Mary.
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