May 27, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab blank/black screen after reflashing - Fix!!

So i bought a Galaxy Tab the other day (Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000N). Was nice out of the box, but could be better in my opinion.. unfortunately i screwed up and the screen went blank. The device was on but i couldn't see anything..

The P1000N has slightly different hardware from the other variants.. another long story short, this model isnt the Euro, Tmobile, AT&T, CDMA version... its the Latin American version.

So... if you didnt know that already and somehow screwed up your device (The screen is blank/ black after flashing)
You need to download all these files: All the file sharing sites that used to have these files have been removed by the govt., so try this link

I've never tried my method with the link above so i dont know if these instructions are valid anymore.

Old Instructions:
Make sure you tick "repartition" is checked (Odin)
  • Then you put the device in download mode.
  • (Volume down + Power button together) - to enter download mode (the screen will still be blank)
  • Once Odin recognizes the device it should look like this: (with the yellow thing highlighted)

If your device is already in Download mode and the program doesnt pick it up, do it again (volume down + power button)

MAKE SURE Re-Partition is checked 

  • After it finishes it'll reboot, and you'll have your screen back/ should have your screen back
  • If after it restarts you get stuck at the Samsung screen, restart the device in Samsung's Recovery console (Volume Up + Power + Home Button) and choose wipe to factory default or whatever it says (factory default) then restart.

Let me know if you run into problems. BTW i was able to load Clockworkmod on it :-p
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