Jun 20, 2011

Ganja: If it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger?

So.. for the past couple of episodes i've been surrounded by smokers (there's some other name for them that i cant think of now, maybe the weed is still in my system).
I dont smoke, and i dont have an issue with people who smoke........ i just dont want to smell your ganja breath in my face; the situation gets worse when roughly 7-10 people around me start smoking.
For the most part, everyone seems calm... except this one dude who thought it was kewl to share my step ladder  while smoking a spliff. He answered my questions, so i didnt push him off into the crowd.

Here's how it works.. some people bring their ganja/ marijuana in the venue (whole) and cut it up with scissors. The other way, is to find the supplier... also known as "The Cigarette Specialist".

After they cut up the weed, they grind it in their hand... not sure why ?!?
And then, this is important.. they open a cigarette and take out some of the tobacco aka "grabba".. i think... and blend it together with the weed. One of the smokers told me; they do this so it burns easier *TIP*

Anyhow, this isnt an essay:

Yeaa... thats the correct ratio!


More weed....

lol, by now i was probably high... and this caught my eye. looks like a kitten.. lol, moving on

+1, he's got style almost as good as me

Ummm, yea... more 

All up in my face...
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