Feb 11, 2012

Review: Hitech Formatt 10 Stop ND Filter :: JUNK

That's right, might as well through it in the bin or avoid it totally. I bought this 10 stop filter from B&H after reading reviews on the net.

Since i bought it at B&H i figured this would've been the latest version of the filter, as the original version had the same problem im having now.

I would've been ok with results like:


Yes, it fits the Cokin P filter holder (for those of you asking) but with results like this.. think twice;

Probably the only decent shot i have during "daylight". 

Bottomline: DO NOT BUY:

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/811495-REG/Hitech_HT85NDPS3_0_85mm_Pro_Stop_3_0.html at the time there weren't any reviews on B&H, its a pity i waited this long to write a review since someone else seems to have been suckered into buying this POS.

I remember picking it up from customs, they took it out the package & wanted to know how much they should charge.. doesnt weigh alot, looks like a piece of plastic..... and so they looked at me & asked me:

Is it worth it?
At basically USD$100.. month's later after endless failed results, the answer is "NO" with a smile.

I think im gonna go to my local hardware store and see if i can get welding glass instead, doubt the results could be any worse.
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