Jul 19, 2012

Controversy? Jamaica's Olympic Outfit

So from what im hearing; "people" have a problem with the opening ceremony outfit.. mainly the female outfit. Something about the skirt?!?!

Looking at the above image, my eyes instantly saw the hair/ wig... really WTF?!?
At first i thought it was Yohan wearing a kilt & wig.... LOL (no offense).

Anyway lets go back to Caribbean Fashion Week 2012..

The Designer (Cedella Marley); the one causing all this drama :-/

The controversial skirt

The top thats supposedly going with the skirt

Looks ok to me...

Opening ceremony pants... 

The tie doesn't cut it in my opinion

One pocket for my phone, the other for my tablet, the other for my keys, & the other for my laptop...Wearable!!

If the scarf was wooly, i'd buy one #teamJamaicaBitch


Not my fav look

Not bad... looks wearable


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