Nov 20, 2012

Jamaica to España

Ok, so it seems im stuck in Spain for the moment. But no worries i got to see a bit more of the place this morning. 

First impression of Spain was Madrid.. the airport is really nice.

Then it was onto A Coruña (La Coruña), Its cold, lots of cafe's, cloudy, pretty, most people speak Spanish for some strange reason?¿

The hotel im staying at had a view of somebody's back yard, dining room, and laundry room. Since i had to check back into the hotel, i got a nicer view; the street.

Which brings me to the cafe. There's a cafe on EVERY corner.. in the mall, near the bus stop, all over the place. They love bread & coffee/ tea.. the bread is terrible imho; its so tough, you REALLY have to tear it then chew it. Kiss your gums goodbye.

Not the actual restaurante i had the bread, but they have a photo of it... So

No sign of McDonalds/BK/KFC, its somewhere "nearby" but i havent found it, just cafe´s.
All the menu's are in Spanish & the waiters speak spanish, maybe one person might speak English, so i try to keep it simple and point at things i dont know.

The chicken doesnt "taste like chicken". Its a bird, but not a fowl. If it is a fowl, its a weird tasting one.

It helps to have pictures of things you want. Food, places, things, but since i dont have a printer or a phone its a bit challenging. Probably the fastest way you'll learn spanish is to come to Spain.

No robot taxi's. There only seems to be one taxi company, and everyone has a number printed on the side, like 103, 415, etc.. in order to take one, you have to go to the front of the taxi line, then everyone else moves up a space.

Its kinda romantic i guess, old people holding hands walking down the street #tears #SoBeautiful :'(
I saw an old guy on his balcony drinking tea & taking photo's of his dog, lots of people walking their dog, about 3 or 4 cafe's per street, etc.


There are a lot of smokers. Especially in America & Europe.
And so far that's Spain.

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