Apr 1, 2013

St Thomas, US VI - not for me

Been a while since i been to the blog, so lets go...
Shoutout to KR,  i know you're reading this ^-^

St Thomas is an ok country, kinda what you might think for an american caribbean country (McDonalds, KFC, Hooters, Radioshack etc..) and thats kinda where it ends. There's not much of anything besides jewelry shops and a few restaurants that you can find in the states. As a tourist i dont know why you'd actually book a trip to St Thomas; that being said if you own a boat its def. worth the visit (sailing from one country to the next)

Owning a boat here is like owning a bicycle, not everyone owns one but its nice to have.

  • The water really is this color, which is really nice :)
  • They have a lot of iguana's (fairly big too) 
Public transport isn't recommended imho, lots of action happening on the bus (locally known as Safari's) its like a zoo for real. Lots of cursing, "almost fighting incidents, etc.. too much action for my liking. These buses aka Safari's dont have doors they have railings instead similar to the Land Rovers in Africa but they use Dodge Ram's and those kinds of vehicles instead?!

Hardly ever any clouds near the downtown area..  places near the Atlantic Ocean hardly have clouds for long +1
Hurricane's barely, floods normal, hot... yes, drought....based on the landscape i think so.

The island is small, its basically 1 main road with the smaller roads leading into the hills. So you cant really get lost, either you're going forward or backward.
No rivers, waterfalls but im sure the beach is quite nice.. havent been, but im sure it is.

Since we're heading back to coldass Europe, im gonna go on a few diving tours and visit airport beach in St Maarten. One more post to come! maybe 2 -__-

St Maarten/ Sint Martin - no clouds
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