Dec 31, 2013

Sydney, Australia

So the Australian cruise is over.. And I think it was really nice. The first stop was Sydney, I woke up to an awesome view of the Sydney opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Oh yea!!

Every now and then this job brings something cool (not very often, but yea, this was one of those days)

I like Australia, the weather was quite good, the transport system seems solid, the currency is probably stable, the city looks clean, but too many people though :-p

The opera house is cool looking from far, not so much up close.. LOL but still impressive I think. Considering they built all these things around it; Restaurants, hotels, parks, etc..

I also like the signs painted on the road telling you which direction to look when crossing the street. *Good looking out for first time visitors like myself*

The park underneath the bridge was nice as well, the Olympic swimming pool is near the bridge as well as an amusement park and ferry. Bridge climbing is an option (no more bungee jumping)!

The city is kinda pricey compared to places like Vietnam where you can get a haircut for $1, but the difference is slightly obvious. For some strange reason I was expecting to see some kangaroos in the city -_-" (met with disappointment)

No koala bears for me, no kangaroos, no barrier reef, etc.. Technically I saw all these things but not the way i wanted to. But I did see a dolphin, upon entering the barrier reef so that's worth something.

But all in all I think Australia is worth a second visit! Recommended
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