Jul 29, 2014

Lucy - Worst Movie of 2014 (Review)

Not even spoilers could spoil this movie. For sure the worst movie I've seen in a long time, so bad it prompted me to blog about it!

Luc Besson - director, i'll remember that name because i highly doubt i'll watch another one of his movies.

I don't know where to begin honestly..... how about the scene where she begins to FEEL EVERYTHING! She REMEMBERS EVERYTHING! The taste of her mother's breast milk for instance!? Ok, i'll pardon it.
Walking into a hospital with a gun.. not concealed nor concerned. BANG! This patient wasn't gonna make it (insert medical blah blahIm the smartest person in the world. (/insert) Ok, i'll pardon it.

Using her "Brain Power" to make people faint, reverse gravity so they float in the air, hacking radio frequencies with the flick of a wrist and pinch to zoom -__-"

The pinch to zoom thing....... like really!?!

Meeting with the professors, "show us proof you're special  ....... your wife and daughter died in an accident blah blah blah" Ok i believe you.
Inject me with the rest of the drugs and i'll give you all the knowledge i have acquired. Ok, pardoned. Now she's capable of time travel and all sorts of stuff.

Im sorry (not really) but Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman weren't right for this movie. The blank look on her face (see images above), i feel nothing and everything crap, .
Freeman did ok, the issue i have is that he's appearing in too many of these roles and its a bit cliche. Freeman (Mr. Know-it-all), in Bruce Almighty as God. Transcendence as a scientist for Artificial Intelligence, Dark Knight as Batman's IT Guy, Now You See Me; as its not magic its all fake here's how they did it guy.

I hated this movie full stop (Worst Movie of 2014)

Limitless Transcendence are better movies to watch IMHO with similar storylines

Lucy gets injected with a drug. It doesn't kill her, it makes her stronger, so she kills some people in order to get more because.............. its safer with her and she wants to pass on her knowledge of the universe or something. She gets the drugs, overdoses, becomes one with the universe... Mhm
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