Jul 23, 2014

Nexus 5 (Android) Water Damage - FIX!!

So, your phone decided to drink some water and now it doesn't want to work anymore? Maybe it fell in the toilet, urinal (lol), sea, washing machine, etc.. Its probably dead!
I thought the same thing when my phone decided to take a swim at the beach. Salt water and electronics don't go well, my phone (Nexus 5) still worked but the screen was very dark - no backlight. So i decided to rip the back from the phone and let it get some sun. Didnt work but it dried the water to some extent.
I happen to have a lot of silica gel at home, a lot! So the steps:

  1. You can open the phone using your fingernails from the side where the volume button is located, work your way around.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws the top (above the battery)
  3. Disconnect the battery cable and that long orange one covering the battery
  4. Stop wasting time with rice, rubbing/ isopropyl alcohol, etc.. Can it be used, maybe but i've never had any luck with them
  5. Buy some Silica gel instead. Like a really big bag of it, about 2 or 3 lbs in my opinion. That should be enough to cover your phone.
  6. Heat the silica in an oven.. do you need to do this? I dont know, but i did it.
  7. wrap the phone in a paper napkin
  8. Cover it with the silica gels
  9. Leave it for at least a day (24 hours)
  10. Give it some sun if you want. 
  11. Reconnect the cables and screw everything together
  12. Recharge your phone
  13. Thank me later, if it didn't work don't come back here!
Once you start recharging your phone (Nexus 5) it'll blink red. As far as i know that means the battery is drained, leave it alone, go watch some tv or something and eventually once it has enough charge it should power on.

This is what i did, and the backlight works now. Everything works except the audio port... with headphones it crackles a bit but not that much that i cant listen music.
Now to buy some damaged phones on eBay :)

Pictures of how to do it? Unlikely.
Summary: Open the phone, wrap in napkin, pour silica gels over it, come back in a day, recharge the phone
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